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Capturing the World

Throughout my life I have been attracted to the aesthetics of photography and cinematography, how it can capture the mood and feeling from a specific moment in time. Much of my inspiration comes from being immersed in nature and seeking the weird and wonderful gems our world has to offer. After living in New Zealand my whole life, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by such an extremely diverse untouched environment, from mountain peaks to ocean floors. Now for the rest of the world!



& Videography





Visual Effects ( CGI )


After working at Weta Digital for the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to directly work on many of the top Hollywood feature film’s. Weta Digital, awarded for the outstanding CGI and is well known as an industry leader in hyper realistic visual effects. My primary role in the films featured below was as a Lighting Technical Director. This involved directing the mood and lighting of CGI shots, rendering and also managing digital assets from multiple departments.


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